Top 10 Best Bodyboard Fins in 2021: Editor’s Choices!

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In search of the best bodyboard fins? You’ve hopped on to the right place!

It could be for summer vacations or even to feed into your water sporting hobbies; bodyboarding is renowned for being a leisure recreational activity. And as you’ve clicked this link, you’re either a beginner or a devoted water-sport junkie.

But that doesn’t matter as we talk about the best bodyboarding fins for all skill levels. Swim fins are a necessity for pros and newbies, and thus, we’ve trickled down some of the bests, which will fit your needs no matter what your skill sets are!

Still, confused? Don’t worry. Keep reading to know all the juicy details on bodyboarding, and pick your favorite out of our shortlisted 10 best fins for bodyboards of all times.

Good news: We’ve also addressed the top-searched questions on the Internet regarding bodyboarding, so don’t forget to check that out!

Review of the 10 Best Bodyboard Fins in 2021:

10. Cressi Agua Short Bodyboard Fins – Best in Budget

 Cressi Agua Short Bodyboard Fins

The Italian brand, Cressi, was founded in the year 1946. Needless to say that, their biggest contending plus point is their years of experience in this market. And here’s why.

Not only are Cressi fins the best for all feet shapes and sizes, but they have also incorporated a technology known as the ‘self-adjusting foot pocket’ – which is pretty much self-explanatory. Another grip that they have over their loyal consumers is due to the lightweight properties in their fins.

It doesn’t only allow you to propel forward smoothly but also prohibits extra pressure on your feet. Not your first time with bodyboarding? Then you ought to know that if your feet feel the struggle of the fin’s pull – you’re in for a ride of fatigue and body cramp afterward. Ugh!

Yes, you’ve guessed it right – these fins are super affordable! In addition to being highly efficient, it is also extremely portable and fits any user’s feet without jeopardizing its performance in the water.

You will be delighted to know about the hydrodynamic rails, which stimulate the work of your legs, too, enabling greater power to maneuver and elevate your experience in the water. Genius move, isn’t it?

Don’t worry about the design either, as they’re perfectly angled and simple-looking blades intricately placed around the fins, so that it doesn’t only make your swim worthwhile but also lets you travel with them with ease.

Just throw them in the back of your trunk and plan your next trip to Hawaii!


  • Perfect fit for all sizes and shapes of feet
  • Flexibility around the ankles
  • Bang for the buck deal
  • Easy portability


  • The fins are short, resulting in more power loss
  • Fin leash excluded

9. MS Viper Bodyboard Fins

MS Viper Bodyboard Fins

Are you ready to inherit the best drop knee fins ever to come into human contact?

Be prepared to amaze yourself with its exquisite delta tail design and authentic technology, also renowned as the Mike Stewart Science Delta Tail. But what good comes out of this technology?

Good question. Let us explain.

This specific addition to their design helps you to turn around while bodyboarding with less to no effort. Not only that, but it lets you control the bodyboard too with the help of the beveled sidewalls.

Look no further if you crave a drop knee, best bodyboard fins. Your search ends here! Keeping aside that basic advantage, you will also get a durable fin that lets you control your experience and not the other way around.

You will notice that the design has also implemented shorter blades, and this is precisely why you will get greater, quicker kicks out of this deal. However, its goodness doesn’t stop there. The vertical edges and rivet grips will give you comfort as you’ve never experienced before.

Forget fidgeting in the water, which demeans your fun experience.

But are these stiff enough? Absolutely! But there is variation in their styles for you to choose from. Where does your comfort lie? Flex, or stiff? Don’t worry; they have both. Your job is just to pick one and have the best time.


  • Extremely durable
  • Bright colors
  • Best for drop knee
  • Promotes control


  • Not the best for wide feet

8. Kpaloa Pro Bodyboard Fins – Best for Long Time Boarding

 Kpaloa Pro Bodyboard Fins

Are you looking for comfortable, best bodyboard fins? Let’s face it, if I asked the lot of you if these are comfortable (if ever), most of you would deny it.

But you see, you don’t always have to writhe in pain while enjoying your favorite sport, and here’s why!

This unique, green, and yellow splattered edition of fins by Kpoloa has created so much rave, and it’s not only because of how distinguished these look but also because of how much thought, innovation, plus improvement has been put into them.

The trick is that you can practice or showoff in these easily, as they’re adaptable to all skill levels. These aren’t only great looking but serve their true purpose, spot-on!

The material is the rubber of dissimilar density, and if you don’t know what it promotes, well — any and all movements, plausibly done in the water!

A combination of rubber goes into making them — vulcanized, flexible and hard rubbers. Besides their intricate placement, the low-profiled straps ensure smooth sailing for you. Furthermore, the symmetrical design and balance-float formula also enrich its performance in the water.

You will notice that there are three small holes on each of these best bodyboards fins 2021, which helps to drain off excess water.

Good news: These are great for both pros and beginners.


  • Great for kicks
  • Great for fluidity
  • Extremely buoyant
  • Many exciting colors


  • Drainage holes too small

7. Churchill Makapuu Bodyboard Fins

Churchill Makapuu Bodyboard Fins

Say bye-bye to your aged old, flimsy bodyboarding fins. It’s time to meet the most elastic pockets that have ever been created for swimmers. Intrigued? So are we!

Although these swimmers might remind you of Donald Duck, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to swim like him, given the color-combo, would it?

Let’s dive in to know why these are world-famous as the most flexible pieces out there.

First off, let’s lure in all the professionals as these will feed into their ultimate needs. What are those needs? Strong kicks and thrust, am I right? If you like to maneuver in such a manner – get this!

Along with this magnificent design, the pieces are inspected individually for better quality checks. Hold up; I’m not done yet—let me tell you why this is the cutest!

Pro tip: Try putting both the fins together to see how they magically imitate a dolphin’s tail!

You reach peak satisfaction and comfort with this pair due to their asymmetric design. Each of these curves and edges gives way to greater propelling power. And the material? Oh, so soft!

Due to such soft material, the fins are super lightweight too and produce the strongest kicks. Although the blue and yellow would be a great addition to your collection, don’t forget to check out their classic green one.


  • Great for professionals
  • High quality and soft material
  • Comfortable
  • Allows thrust
  • Stiff thus promotes strong kicks.


  • During kicks, they could slip off.
  • Requires extra pieces of equipment

6. DORSAL Bodyboarding Fins

DORSAL Bodyboard Fins

When it comes to the best sports pieces of equipment, you can always count on Dorsal for their unique designs and targeted problem-solving products.

If you think I’m fluffing, allow me to change your mind.

Did you know that gum rubber is the best quality material for bodyboarding fins?

Well, they are, and you’ll be happy to know that when these are merged, you get the Dorsal bodyboarding fins.

Are you frustrated with your current fins that don’t drain out the residues well? Well, here we present to you the solution! Even though some say it’s too rigid, they’re not once dipped into water and delivers high comfort and an exceptional drive.

Their rails mimic the shape of a bat, which led them to be known as phantom fins. Be sure to thrust like no other due to its triple rib technology. These don’t only help in generating more energy but give greater oomph to propel forward.

But what’s the best part? The drainage holes, of course.  With the combination of large holes and a vacuum drain system, the Dorsal has proven to be the best bargain time and again.

Side note: they can be very stiff when dry, but they will soften up when they get wet.


  • Great drainage for water and sand
  • High acceleration
  • Floating capabilities
  • High-quality material


  • Takes time for the user to get adjusted

5. Voit Duck Feet Swim Bodyboard Fins

Voit Duck Feet Swim Bodyboard Fins

Isn’t it frustrating when you don’t get the full value out of your hard-earned and spent money on recreational items? Let’s be honest. These are ‘recreational’ items used for sport for most of us; thus, we hate it when we take them out of storage only to discover they’ve been rotten.


But what if I told you that I had the perfect solution for that? Keep reading to know!

The banger on this deal is that these are available for all sizes and ages. If you’re looking to get the full value on your splurge and a long-lasting item – you don’t want to miss out on these!

These legendary Voit fins have been popular for their service since the 50s. These are a big hit for dads, teens, and children all around the world for multiple reasons.

Let’s talk about the material first. These are made of high-density rubber, which makes them float with ease. The hydrodynamic fins allow more significant acceleration due to the angled design as well.

When it comes to drainage, it’s safe to say that these can drain anything starting from water, sand, or even shells. With maximized comfort, you also get stabilization because of the uniform heel straps.

Tip: As these are pretty snug, try incorporating an extra half to your original feet size and fin socks while you’re on a shopping spree.


  • Long-lasting
  • High propulsion
  • Less effort required
  • Applicable for all ages


  • Requires socks
  • There have been complaints about inaccurate chart size.

4. Churchill Makapuu Pro Bodyboard Fins – Best for Kids

Churchill Makapuu Pro Bodyboard Fins

Is it even fun to swerve in water if not at full speed? Personally, I hate anything that drags down my maximum ability to propel in water.

That’s why you need something as light as air so that you can trick the water.

These speed masters are developed and made for professionals who love speed whilst bodyboarding. It also has a dolphin-shaped tail, which makes it an exception when compared to the other best bodyboard fins. This specific addition of style promotes flexibility, speed, and stiffness.

Shout out to all the professional bodyboarders who are in search of the best bodyboarding fins which promotes high speed and great maneuverability. Enhance your experience with this super fun and affordable fins.

Made of absolute natural gum rubber, these are surprisingly flexible and soft yet exert speed through their stiff blades.

What’s more, these are very buoyant due to their neoprene-lined heels and fin pockets. Go ahead and exert your toughest and strongest kicks — these will withstand anything due to their tethered technology. Stability is everything when it comes to dealing with water, right?

And when you’re presented with stability, you will get to propel at high speed, no matter what your expertise level is. Forget about nasty heel cramps as, with it, a thick padded design, you will attain greater control and comfort compared to the rest.


  • Can drain water and rocks too
  • Very stiff, thus gives off more incredible speed.
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Padded heels


  • None

3. Wildhorn Topside Hydro Bodyboard Fins – Best for Professionals

Wildhorn Topside Hydro Bodyboard Fins

Okay, we’ve given plenty of options to the pros. It’s time to serve the beginners now. Are you ready?

Sit tight!

Beginners don’t demand much. Initially, they just want to focus on having loads of fun whilst learning. But that’s the catch. Where can you find a fin pair that delivers both? Right here!

These are the epitome of versatility as it combines ease of movement, comfort, and outstanding construction with high-quality materials.

The polymer blend and velcro straps make these fins exceptionally durable and easy to maneuver on land or water. Here’s a pro tip: Never opt for unwieldy heel straps. They are absolute junk!

The rubber sole encircling the fins prohibits the need for extra cushioning. Now, you can finally say goodbye to hypertension in your feet due to this perfect cushioning technology. Remember the blisters you had to endure due to squashed feet in your fins? Hmm.. it must be dreadful enough not to revisit.

Here’s why these are beginner-friendly: It’s incredibly safe to use, easy to transport, vastly used, and comfortable on land and water, combines great innovation and high-quality materials. Sounds good? I’m sure you’ve sold!

This has also included a floating technology that prohibits the fins from coming off the mid swim with remarkable propulsion and high-speed tolerance.

Oh, and how can I forget! These are extremely easy to transport and carry around. So, are you ready for your next adventure overseas?


  • Guaranteed safety for users
  • Supports and lifts legs
  • Comfortable on land and water
  • Great to transport


  • Not applicable for offshore bodyboarding

2. Hydro Tech 2 Bodyboard Fins – Best for Deep Saltwater

Hydro Tech 2 Bodyboard Fins

If you get easily impressed by variations — here’s the best deal for you.

The Hydro fin collection comes in a diverse variety of colors and sizes that are eye-catchy to all groups of swimmers. But let me ask you this — do you think of yourself as the real-life Big Foot?

Well then, your problems have been heard and solved! Especially targeted for people with big toes and wide feet, these best bodyboard fins 2021 are categorized via different sizes. The silicon-based, T-form flippers have a touch of innovation with their v-rail design, which helps users propel further and more accessible.

Not only are these extremely good-looking with the most craved innovative and unique specifications, but these are a dream come true for people with wider feet. You and your feet can finally relax without enduring the squishy, uncomfortable feeling on other fins.

What does that mean? You don’t have to struggle and exert extra effort for kicks and propulsion! It also means that you will feel lower strain afterward. A win-win, isn’t it?

But we’re not done yet. The reason why users can’t get enough of this is because of its ergonomic structure that makes slipping the fins on and off so much easier, but don’t worry — they won’t glide off while swimming.

Also great for kneeling, these have three holes to drain out the water and sand remains too.


  • Rapid drainage system
  • Maximum propulsion
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Great v-rail technology
  • Can walk on land with these


  • Fin leashes needed
  • Not applicable for longer distance

1. DaFin Swim Bodyboard Fins – Editor’s Choice

DaFin Swim Bodyboard Fins

Ready to meet our favorite? We’re equally excited!

The rave was created through the brand’s excellent service over the years and its endorsement by the USLA. Sounds legit, doesn’t it? It is!

Made intricately with Malaysian rubber, the stiff blades on this beauty also promote optimized thrust. But the best part? You can wear them on either foot. Along with the spines and vertical edges, the control is all on your end. And to be honest, it’s about time that the bodyboard stops controlling all your moves, right?

Our top-pick will lure any bodyboarder due to its exquisite features and its super affordable price point. Along with a variety of ranges on style, size, and design, you also get to elevate your experience whilst being safe.

Don’t worry if you have a habit of losing balance, even on the straightest platform like me. The grip technology on this — all thanks to the bottom ribs — will give you enough control and friction on even slippery rocks.

Can you believe that you get all these and more within $100? I mean, how?!

But, it’s true and for our own good. Bodyboarders also love a wide range of selections. And you will not be disappointed to see all the kinds of sizes and colors that they have.

You may not take my word for it, but you can surely take Mark Cunningham’s word, right? Whereas me — a nobody and a hobbyist, bodyboarder writes this article, the legendary Hawaiin bodyboarder, himself, recommends this!


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable pockets
  • Can walk on land with these
  • Great for floating


  • Fin leashes required

Beginners Buyer’s Guide

You’re definitely losing your mind over so many options that we’ve provided. On the contrary, you must know that all these best fins for bodyboards don’t apply to you or any user, for that matter. Choosing the perfect match for you will require some sweat and knowledge. 

Let me tell you why. This isn’t your regular impulse buy. Absolutely, not!

You definitely have safety as your top-most priority, amongst other things that will not lead you to live a horrific reality. I’m here to guide you to avoid such a recipe for hostility. I will talk about each of the important aspects that you must consider to hit the jackpot.

Let’s make this sport fun while you’re at it, shall we? Keep reading to know how to choose your correct match and avoid any blunder.

  • Size

In order to acquire optimized performance, it’s necessary to pick the best size for your fins. Not only must they be comfortable, but they have to be according to your correct foot size. It must not be too tight or too loose, but it needs to be just perfect.

I know I sound like an extreme OCD perfectionist, but, sadly, that is the deal. On the one hand, if your fins are too tight, they will suffocate your feet causing more accidents. And on the other hand, if they’re too loose, they will just slip right off, causing other mishaps.

You can buy the best bodyboarding fins by referring to the body charts that the brands publicize. Now, gathering knowledge on the chart itself might need a bit of research too. But, it is important, nevertheless.

  • Material

Although we love to have soft, cushiony slippers around our feet at all times, with bodyboarding fins, you have to accept that its stiffness will provide greater flexibility while catching a wave or even to propel forward. However, you must know your fin’s material well, which, other than being high-quality, needs to have non-slip properties while being lightweight. I highly recommend fins made of natural rubber which aren’t over-weight and provide enough stiffness to overcome watery hurdles.

  • Extra Equipment

Sure, it’s all fun and games, but you need to prepare for it. It’s always safer to keep gadgets at your disposal whilst bodyboarding. It could be anything starting from cinches, fin socks to even heel pads. But, you can’t just buy the first ones that you come across right off the back.

You will need to consider the size and type of these extra gadgets before taking the winner home. You really don’t have to dig too deep a hole in your wallet to accomplish these. Just contact the bestseller or a consultancy to know about the type and size, and you’re good to go.

  • The Use

Did you know that bodyboards are labeled as quintessential? Its effectiveness in the water has been acclaimed for many years. Mainly, it can cut through ocean waves and allow forward motion easily and quicker because of its angled design.

But, the style and design also depend on what use you’re putting these bad boys to. Always remember to wear your fins at the seashore and not while you’re on the sand. Relaxing in the water will help you immensely to propel forward but, don’t forget to utilize your hands and legs to power through the crazy-dominant waves.

Here’s the catch: You need to practice loads in order to acquaintance your mind and body with that of the ocean. The ocean could be as calm and collected yet, be chaotic at other times. Who knows? It’s safer to practice in both scenarios and live your fear in both.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size bodyboard fins should I get?

There are a couple of generic, best bodyboard fins available. The range includes XS, S, S/M, M, M/L, L, and XL. But depending on the style of fins used, men’s and women’s sizes will differ significantly. For example, men’s size 4-5 could correspond to women’s size 6-7. This doesn’t always have to be the case, but in generic terms, it is.

Choosing the correct bodyboard fin is as important as getting your hands on the correct board. If you’re confused about which size will perfectly match your necessities, select the best fins for bodyboards based on rigidity, shape, comfort, and size. Although various designs exist, don’t confuse yourself with them, the size should remain the same no matter what style you opt for.

Can you bodyboard without fins?

Yes, it’s possible to bodyboard without the fins; however, you need to have expertise in such practice. It will cost immense effort for you to sync your hand and leg movements and coordination to accomplish bodyboarding without fins. Needless to say that this will result in greater exhaustion and, perhaps, cramps too.

On another note, you will also never reach the full potential of speed without the fins either. If you have a relatively weaker muscle build, you will need lots of practice with catching waves, paddling, and syncing your legs and arms.

Are you supposed to wax a bodyboard?

Yes, you must wax your body before this adventure. You must also reapply the was whenever it comes off. This trick is absolutely necessary because the board can get too slippery when it gets wet, causing you to fall off. The wax provides enough friction and grip to eradicate that.

Is bodyboarding good exercise?

Any sport that involves body movement can be comprehended as a good body exercise. There are multiple fitness and health benefits to this, and we’ve listed a few below.

  • Improves arm’s muscular strength due to paddling
  • As the legs work continuously to propel forward, the muscles on the user’s leg grow and strengthen.
  • Improves coordination, syncing, and skills.
  • Improves balance coordination.

How do you clean a bodyboard?

If you want to clean your bodyboard, you’re basically trying to eliminate the outer wax layer. And there are two ways to do so. You can try to warm up the board so that the wax wears off by either soaking it in warm water or utilizing a hairdryer. 

You will soon need a grease remover, plastic scrapper, and a citrus-solvent cleaner to rub off the remains.

How to position on a bodyboard?

Put one of your hands around the corners of the bodyboard. Now place your other hand around the rail in alignment with the hip. While positioning in such a manner, mind your nose, lift it upwards to avoid nosedive accidents, and minimize speed. Bent your resting arm on the board at 90 degrees angle, look straight ahead and arc your back. It will create more drag as your legs remain in the water.

These are the simple mechanics needed to speed up or ride a bodyboard perfectly. With more practice, you will comprehend more about your body weight and how to disperse it over the board.

Can you surf with a bodyboard?

Oftentimes, bodyboarding is acclaimed as the initial step to surfing. The trick is that bodyboarders are adaptable to all kinds of waves. Thus, surfing is a no-brainer for those who can already control the wave and overcome it.


We all need a good and safe pair of the best bodyboard fins to have the full experience and learn and elevate the fun-meter. While we have listed everything from the cheapest to the most premium ones — the choice is all yours.

Who takes the winning cup for you?

We hope to have delivered to you a full, virtual experience of what owning any of these might be like. But put that to fair use and make a wise decision based on your budget, needs, and targeted features.

Have a good swim!


Cameron is from Dallas, TX, USA and founder of Aqua Sports Life . Over the years, he has developed a close relationship with the Sea through his passion for kayaking, paddle boarding, bodyboarding & other related sports. He loves sharing his experience & encourages others through his writing. Apart from writing, Cameron enjoys cycling with his best friend named Sabrina.

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